Program Notes

Andrew Miller of Motion Ensemble in Canada commissioned a solo double piece that had a video component. The film is by Nana Tchitchuoa and juxtaposes many contained or precise movements: a clock mechanism, moving quickly back and forth, dancing by the National Georgian ballet, the detailed work of constructing delicate jewelry called cloisonné, and a man writing in a book. Taking the rhythm of the watch mechanism, the music continues this visual rhythm as the aural backdrop to the dancing.

More information about the filmmaker Nana Thcitchoua


Audio / Visual


Struts Gallery, Sain John Arts Centre, and Charlotte St. Centre
New Brunswick
Andrew Miller, double bass
Dana Ross' Mimoda Music & Culture Series
A Tale of Two Compositions (the Creative Process of Composition)
with cellist Derek Stein
November 5, 2019
contraBAND: A Woman Sees How the World Goes with No Eyes
Boston Conservatory
July 12, 2020
Little Chamber Music (Vancouver, Canada)
bassist Meaghan Williams


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