Program Notes

Andrew Miller of Motion Ensemble in Canada commissioned a solo double piece that had a video component. The film is by Nana Tchitchuoa and juxtaposes many contained or precise movements: a clock mechanism, moving quickly back and forth, dancing by the National Georgian ballet, the detailed work of constructing delicate jewelry called cloisonné, and a man writing in a book. Taking the rhythm of the watch mechanism, the music continues this visual rhythm as the aural backdrop to the dancing.

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Audio / Visual


Struts Gallery, Sain John Arts Centre, and Charlotte St. Centre
New Brunswick
Andrew Miller, double bass
Dana Ross' Mimoda Music & Culture Series
A Tale of Two Compositions (the Creative Process of Composition)
with cellist Derek Stein
November 5, 2019
contraBAND: A Woman Sees How the World Goes with No Eyes
Boston Conservatory
July 12, 2020
Little Chamber Music (Vancouver, Canada)
bassist Meaghan Williams
Fall 2020
Thornton Live with EDGE Ensemble (Los Angeles)
bassist Rebecca Lawrence
March 21, 2021
Occidental Faculty Recital
bassist Ted Botsford


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