Hopscotch Tarot Song Cycle

Program Notes

From the mobile opera HOPSCOTCH Chapter 15 A Fortune @ China Town Plaza

The tarot card song cycle was written for The Industry’s Hopscotch mobile opera Chapter 15 Fortune (on the Green Route). The 12 tarot cards use elements from the Hopscotch storyline and are arranged in an order that follows the Hopscotch jumping order from earth to heaven.

In performance, the audience enters the limousine and Fortuna (the fortune teller) offers a choice of card to one person. The reading of the tarot’s meaning is sung by Fortuna, accompanied by a violin. Once reaching China Town Plaza the audience follows Fortuna and the violinist out of the car where Lucha pulls The Lovers and her reading transforms to be enacted walking through China Town Plaza.

#1 Hell #2 The Ghost #3 The Gondola #4 The Musician #5 The Red Notebook #6 The Lovers #7 Death #8 The Motorcycle #9 The Puppet #10 The Driver #11 The Angels #12 The City

The tarot card images were designed by Renée Reynolds.


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