An Artist, an Architect, and a Composer
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An article about the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial where L'air Pour L'air was premiered at the Garfield park Conservatory (September 2017). This project was designed by Ana Prvački and Florian Idenburg, co-founder of the NY architecture firm SO-IL. Sharing a serious concern for air pollution, artist Ana Prvački and Florian Idenburg, founder of the New York architecture firm SO-IL, are constructing 'wearable enclosures' made of air filter fabric which will purify air.

Each enclosure houses a musician, performing a walking meditation. The original quartet is for voice, flute, tenor saxophone and tenor trombone, all wind instruments. The text of Hildegard of Bingen is extracted from the AIR section from the second book of Elements from Physica, her treatise on health and healing. The English translation is by Tom Sapsford. The bell is the marker of time and progression. Symbolically, the sound of the bell is the symbol of creative power.

Its mystic significance is that of all objects which are suspended between heaven and earth. Just as air is between heaven and earth.

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A Tale of Two Compositions


A lecture/performance on compositional process that discussed 2 works (OR… and Cloisonné) in two parts.

Part One was told as a story of the inspiration and process, with musical illustrations by cellist Derek Stein. The second part was told as a recipe to reach a final product.

Mimoda Music & Culture Series
Curated by:
Dana Ross

errata: a curious collection of corrections

with Renée Reynolds

A limited edition hand-made book


(noun pl. er-ra-ta)

An error in printing or writing, especially such an error noted in a list of corrections and bound into a book.

Compositionally Inclined Canines

Postcard Series No. 3

A set of 7 postcards of canines inspired by composers.

Including: BARKtok, Luigi Nono, POOCHini, Rustimaninoff, SHOEmange, StockHOWLsen, and Wagner.

$10 / Set of 7 (4x6) Postage not included
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Entomological Eye on the Note

Postcard Series No. 2

A set of 7 postcards of insects with their eyes on the note of the first letter in their names … with matching key signatures.

$10 / Set of 7 (4x6) Postage not included
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Eye on the Note

Postcard Series No. 1

A set of 7 postcards of animals with their eyes on the note of the first letter in their names … with matching key signatures.

$10 / Set of 7 (4x6) Postage not included
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The 44 Scarves of Liza Minnelli


Russell Brown purchased 44 of Liza Minnelli's used scarves at auction and sent them to 43 friends asking them to make images which suggested "Minnelli metaphor".

Thanks to Daniel Anderson, who helped me film. I was thrilled to receive a beautiful Lambswool and Angora Jack Spade scarf that made me think of her love of music and her great generosity in supporting AIDS research.

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7 intermezzi for film

Seven Short Films

A series of absurd fragments about dogs, umbrellas, and other things.

Groove Gallery & Vera Ikon Productions

Marc Lempert
Producer & Writer:
Veronika Krausas
Digital Video / NTSC
12 minutes 34 seconds
Electric Lodge Venice, CA
Museum of Jurassic Technology Culver City, CA



A collection of photographs of graffiti from 20 countries

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Bell Wheel for Sandra

Sound Sculpture

Sound Sculpture on permanent outdoor exhibit at the Djerassi Artists Colony, Woodside California.

In memoriam:
Sandra "Sid" Laird (1965 - 2006)